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EMS Expo Las Vegas 2013

EMS Expo Las Vegas 2013

Vanguard Global Solutions and Oxygen Generating Systems International (OGSI) teamed up in Las Vegas this last week at the EMS Expo Las Vegas 2013 to provide information about the CFP15+, an Organic Oxygen Generating System.

Vanguard is the only authorized Service Disabled Veteran Owned distributor for OGSI as well as the distributor for the State of California.  OGSI has been in business over 15 years providing Oxygen Generating Systems to a myriad of companies and organizations in need of producing their own Oxygen.  Vanguard has been working with OGSI for almost 5 years assisting in the task of helping Fire Departments and other organizations with their Oxygen needs by analyzing their current Oxygen usage scenario and helping find the best fit for their O2 needs.

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